Bliss Wholesale Program

Are you a stylist looking to buy hair for your clients? A group of friends looking for a better discount? Maybe you are even interested in getting in the hair business but need the right distributor. Bliss can provide you with reputable product at competitive pricing without the worry of conducting business with distributors so far away. Bliss will clean and inspect hair tis means no lice no bugs. Bliss offers wholesale pricing that is more that 25% off our regular retail pricing. All pricing information can be found in the link below.

How Does the Process Work?

Determine what type of hair you would like to purchase and complete the information sheet and order form in the link below and return them via email to A minimum of 10 bundles is required per order.

Once your order is received a sales associate will contact you to request your payment and billing information. Upon confirmation of payment, all orders are processed and shipped within 5-7 business days depending on the size of the order.

Please note: 8% sales tax and shipping is charged on all orders. Shipping charges are calculated by the number of bundles being purchased. Please see the order form below for pricing details. All sales and return policies are effective on wholesale orders.

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Q: What is the weight per bundles?
A: All of our bundles are an average weight of 3.5-4oz.

Q: What color are the bundles?
A: Our hair is typically comes in a 1B-2 natural shade. Unless a specific color is noted on the offering.

Q: Can I request dark or light bundles?
A: Yes, you can request, we will do our best to accommodate any specific request but we will not guarantee exact shades of bundles.

Q: Do you ship orders on Saturday?
A: No, we don’t ship on Saturdays. Occasionally, you may receive a tracking number on a Saturday however your order will not start the actual shipping process until the next business day.

Q: Can I receive expedited or overnight shipping for a wholesale purchase?
A: We only offer five (5) business day processing and shipping for wholesale order?

Q: Can I pick up a wholesale purchase from your pop up shops events ?
A: You can make an order however all wholesale orders must be shipped. We do not allow wholesale pick up from any event.

Q: Can I purchase less than 10 bundles in the wholesale program?
A: No, our wholesale program is designed for those seeking ten (10) or more bundles in one purchase.

Q: Do I have to sell them under the Bliss hair name?
A: No, by purchasing wholesale, you can have no affiliation to the bliss hair  however our stylist that make the most income use our name to help them sell product.

Q: Do you offer sample packs?
A: Yes, sample packs can be purchased on our site for $20 plus tax.