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Melissa (Los Angeles, California) - Bliss Hair New York’s customer service is impeccable. I submitted an request to exchange my purchase and it was immediately addressed with minimal push back. I love Bliss Hair New York!

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wash-condition-blog-3 Conditioning and moisturizing from the root - Start by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Please do not be fooled just because you weave is shiny does not mean your hair is moisturized. In fact 80% of African American woman believe they need to moisturize when the hair feels dry. Actually, when it gets to that point the hair cuticles is damaged … Continue reading Conditioning and moisturizing from the root
care for your scalp Healthy Scalps Are The Key to Hair Growth While Wearing Weaves - When you are wearing a weave, it is imperative to maintain a clean, healthy scalp. The health of your hair begins within; therefore we recommend a daily hair vitamin DHT blockers which promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Moreover, you must thoroughly cleanse your scalp once a week. Although, sulfate-free shampoos are good to … Continue reading Conditioning and moisturizing from the root
care for your natural long hair blog Caring for your natural long hair - If you can go to a licensed cosmetologist, do it. There are many things that compliment balanced hair maintenance. A licensed cosmetologist will treat your hair with products that your hair needs. A good one will advise you what vitamins are needed at aid to hair growth. Rule of thumb is if your stylist does … Continue reading Conditioning and moisturizing from the root


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Bliss Hair NY provides 100% Virgin Human Hair which is designed to last a minimum of one year with proper maintenance. Bliss Hair NY extensions beautifully hold curls and its waves become increasingly defined when wet. We are proud to say that our hair is not chemically treated. Want to color or bleach your extensions? Our Black Label Collection is highly recommended for custom color by professional stylists.

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